Static Body

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Static Body

Make up and fashion often go hand in hand, but for the Static Body runway set for the Courthouse on August 28, things are a little bit different. We had a chat to make up artist Ally Barbagallo and fashion designer Ally Deam about what we can expect from their collaboration.
How did you and Ally first meet? And how long did it take before the idea of Static Body became a reality? 
Ally Barbagallo: Ally Deam and I met in the salon – I’m her hairdresser. I have always wanted to put on a hair and make up show to show off my creativity. We pitched the idea to the Courthouse and they loved it and from there it became a reality.
Ally Deam: We met at Ally’s hair salon. Ally knew I studied design and recruited me to make some garments for a show she was planning, which eventually became Static Body
And what’s the idea behind the show? 
AB: We wanted to create something that was new; something Geelong hasn’t seen before. We drew the inspiration from the idea that fashion is timeless and indispensable and the designs developed from there.
AD: Static Body is an exploration of fashion, in the transition from dress to an art object. 
Can you briefly explain to our readers the idea of ‘Fashion in Freeform’? 
AB: Presenting a body of work in a non conventional runway show.
AD: We wanted to break away from the traditional runway show and show a different perspective of fashion. 
What’s the process been like matching up with each others’ design styles? 
AB: We first had a meeting and came up with our theme and what we wanted it to be about and what certain elements we wanted to incorporate in each look.
AD: We both have a similar aesthetic and so the hair and makeup naturally complements the design. As a designer, it’s always interesting to see how your work is interpreted by other people and Ally’s work really adds to the design. 
What’s inspired your fashion designs? 
AD: The garments were inspired by Grecian sculpture and a lot of traditional dressmaking techniques. 
What are your thoughts on current designers coming out of Australia? 
AD: I think that the industry is really growing. A lot of young designers are finding their voice and doing some amazing work that pushes the boundaries of Australian fashion. 
What do you find is the biggest difference between day-to-day make up and runway make up? 
There are a few variations of runway make up; our show is quite avant-garde so the make up is quite full on and dramatic. Whereas when I was backstage for NYC fashion week the make up was quite neutral and soft and focused on showing off how flawless their skin was and not heavy at all. Day-to-day make up can be very neutral and soft as well or it can be slightly heavier depending on the desired result of the individual.
What’s your background in the industry? 
I’ve been a hairdresser for eight years and make up artist for five years. I work at Salon Symmetry and I freelance for Blush Make Up Artistry. I’ve had experience in backstage theatre shows for local Geelong theatre companies doing both hair and make up. I was a part of New York fashion week in 2014 doing hair for EVO (hair product company) and also participated in various photo shoots. Early this year I was able to be a part of Sydney Fashion Weekend doing make up for Nude by Nature.
Lastly, what are you hoping to be the response from the runway? 
I’m hoping that everyone enjoys our creativity and that it’s something that people will be more interested in and hoping to see again. I would hope it also helps get our names out there as a hair and make up artist and fashion designer and gain more work through this.
When & Where: Courthouse Youth Arts, Geelong – 6-8pm Friday, August 28