Stars & Bars Music Festival

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Stars & Bars Music Festival

Stars & Bars Festival 2022. Heathcote Palling Bros Brewery

Stars & Bars Festival will be returning to Heathcote in 2023.

A hybrid of a country music festival, food and wine festival and regional bus tour, Stars & Bars Festival Heathcote will see punters take part in a whistle-stop tour of Heathcote and its surrounds featuring some of Victoria’s Biggest and Brightest stars on Saturday, April 22 2023.

Created by Lincon Boyd, the brains behind the beloved past NaranaFest, and offering a concept that stands out dramatically, this year’s newly minted edition returns with some fresh new locales, familiar favourites and a stellar handpicked lineup including the likes of The Seven Ups, Karl S. Williams, Leslie D. King & The Trembling Shakes, Jungle Jim Smith, Nathan Seeckts, Riley Catherall, Rhianna Fibbins & Pete Daly, representing everything from Alt-Country, Americana, Heavy Groove, Funk & Soul, Blues & Roots and Electric Jungle Boogaloo to soundtrack your sonic sojourn in Central Victoria.

As for where you’ll be heading, stops range from a 150-year-old pub Tooborac Hotel & Brewery to boutique small-batch wineries like Domain Asmara, Wren Estate and Condie Estate, with the final destination being Palling Bros Brewery, where you’ll enjoy an evening session in their recently expanded Beer Garden.

Building on from last year’s event, there are two ticket options up for grabs.

The first is the luxury bus tour, which will showcase all eight acts across five beautiful locales over 12 hours, from 10:30am to 10:30pm, with three free wine tastings sessions, afternoon tea and access to the evening session. Bus tour tickets are limited, and go for $100.

For those that can’t spend the whole day, there’s a secondary option to join the Festival at Palling Bros Brewery in the Beer Garden from 6pm – 11pm where you’ll witness four of the acts: The Seven Ups, Karl S. Williams, Leslie D. King & The Trembling Shakes, and Jungle Jim Smith. Enjoy a pre-show meal, sample some handcrafted beers or grab a Moon Dog Fizzer Seltzer from the Pop Up Bar. Evening tickets are just $40 with limited tickets available on the door on the night.

What better way could you spend the (almost) Anzac Day Long weekend than to leave the city behind and hit the road with an extended Stay-Cation? Relax with friends old and new, take some time to tune in, drop out and breathe in some of that rarefied country air.