Starring Mick Fanning and Luke Hemsworth, ‘The Greatest Surf Movie In The Universe’ to make world-premiere in Geelong

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Starring Mick Fanning and Luke Hemsworth, ‘The Greatest Surf Movie In The Universe’ to make world-premiere in Geelong

Hailed as the most absurd feature film on the planet, The Greatest Surf Movie In The Universe, is set to make its world premiere in Geelong in April. 

Starring Mick Fanning, Luke Hemsworth, Mason Ho, Griffin Colapinto, Jack Freestone, Matt Wilkinson, Craig Anderson, Joe Turpel, and Ronnie Blakey, produced by Bronte Pictures, cinemas around the country will host event screenings of the film, including the World Premiere in Waurn Ponds on April 3, with stars of the film in attendance (provided they turn up … they’re surfers after all), followed by a filmmaker Q&A with the directors and writers, Nick Pollet and Vaughan Blakey.

This red carpet event like no other will be followed by Q&A previews in Perth (Luna) and Margaret River (HEART) on April 18 and 19 respectively, followed by state premieres and previews in Gold Coast (HOTA in early May and Byron Bay with Sydney’s Orpheum Theatre hosting a Premiere screening in late May before the film lands at The Ritz for an encore soon thereafter.

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The description of the film reads:

10 years from now a virus more deadly and more contagious than anything we’ve ever seen decimates all the world’s living creatures. Facing a total extinction event, a brilliant geneticist named Dr Jonathan Figg discovers a miracle vaccine that is fast tracked into production, saving the final remnants of humanity. Unfortunately, there’s one terrible side effect-the vaccine completely erases all memory of surfing from the human mind.

It’s a strange and abstract time as the World’s Best Surfers stumble blindly into new lives and careers oblivious to the incredible talents they once possessed.

After the world’s collective knowledge of surfing is completely wiped after a successful vaccination scheme with an unintended consequence, the surf god, ‘Huey’ makes a last-ditch effort to save surfing.

Enlisting Mick Fanning (now a yoga teacher in the Himalayas), he plans to put together a team of former surfing champions to create The Greatest Surf Movie In The Universe and save surfing from extinction.

In addition to this cast of legendary Aussie surfers as well as surfing legends in the making playing their futuristic alter-egos, the film is narrated by actor Luke Hemsworth, also a keen surfer.

The end result is an offbeat, subversive adult comedy combining stop-motion animation and special effects with live action, including stunning ocean cinematography.

With life-like figurines and voice overs performed by the athletes, there has never been a film like The Greatest Surf Movie In The Universe.

“I had so much fun making this film and I have a good feeling people will have just as much fun watching it!” says Pollet.

“What started off as a passion project, all shot in my garage, snow-balled into the biggest achievement of my career so far.

“Working alongside two of my best mates, Vaughan Blakey (co-writer/director) and Alain de Carne (original music score), along with Bronte Pictures, The Post Lounge and the best cast I could have ever asked for, we were able to achieve something far beyond what I thought possible.

“I just want this film to make people laugh and feel happy.”

Find out more about the Premiere at Reading Cinema in Waurn Ponds on April 3 here. For further screenings and session times, head here