Stamp Out And About: The Art Of Giving Without Expectation

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Stamp Out And About: The Art Of Giving Without Expectation

When was the last time you donated without expectation? The last time you volunteered your time without wanting or asking for something in return? When has YOUR time, YOUR support been enough?

I get it, there’s always somewhere we need to be. We’re constantly “accepting” events on Facebook, only to triple book our Friday nights.

So when we walk past any stand that sells a pin or a wrist band, we buy one. “I’m contributing, and everyone will be able to see my support for (insert charity)”.

When was the last time you said, “take my donation” or “here’s my time” and that was the end of the transaction?

I’ve been there. I bought an auction item at Zoe’s Race Day, and recently I had the winning bid on a Breaky For Boobies Instagram Auction. While the aim was to support local women affected by Breast Cancer, something my Aunty battled for many years, I can’t say it was without return. I still got a tangible “reward” for my donation.

I’m in a fortunate position on our Drive Show that we can invite inspiring, charitable community members on air and give them a platform. They can talk about their mission, their cause and then we encourage our supportive town to do their part.

I LOVE the work being done across Geelong and the surrounds. Men, women and children who donate items, who are out on the street shaking tins, emailing media for a few mins of our time to get their important message out there. The people who give time / money / support without recognition. They’re the foundations of our community who want to ensure people are fed, educated and have the best chance of survival. So, THANK YOU.

As my first step, I’m now a local ambassador for TLC For Kids. Firstly, Founder and CEO Tim Conolan has a heart of gold and I love how he makes everyone in a room feel empowered. Secondly, I want to use the local profile I have, to help sick kids and their families cope with the challenges of everyday life with illness. Kids are so vulnerable and they need everyone in their corner.

My commitment is to work with Tim in Geelong “to put smiles on the faces of local sick kids and their families”. I’ll be writing, hosting, fundraising, doing whatever is required of me, without anything in return.

With three nephews and two godsons, my “reward” is knowing they have the best support when the world might seem so incredibly tough for their tiny bodies and their spirits.

I realise time’s precious when you have your own little ones to feed or you’ve work two jobs to keep a roof over your head. So take just 1 hour and do something without reward. Do something without return.

Make someone else’s day better. That is your reward.

Stampsy is the Music Director and Drive Announcer at K Rock in Geelong.

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