Stamp Out And About: It’s Time For A Do Over

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Stamp Out And About: It’s Time For A Do Over

Hello 2017, you sexy, promising new year you.

Your younger sibling was a complete brat. Sergeant Slug of the Fun Police. We had major trust issues with 2016 and couldn’t swipe left quick enough.

It took the biggest names from us from music, film, TV, sport, politics. From Bowie and Prince, Ali and Palmer, Wilder and Rickman. Men and women who impacted our childhoods and generations.

Our hearts broke and our innocence’s buckled when evil struck Turkey, Belgium, Orlando and Berlin.

We aren’t angry with last year. We’re just disappointed (thanks Mum).
But 2016 wasn’t a complete loss. I won’t extinguish its torch and exile it from the island just yet.

We rose above terror. Above evil. We came together across the globe to share in the grief of family members who didn’t come home for Christmas. Brothers and sisters, mums and dads. We lit up monuments with country’s flags and shared hearts and prayers on social media. These events made us unite. For that, terror failed.

Between the dark days, we have had some amazing feats, incredible triumphs and true joyous moments.

It was the year of the underdog. Bulldogs, Sharks, Fiji Rugby 7’s, Leicester City and the Cubs.

You know what else? Because we tipped buckets of ice over each other in ice bucket challenge, the gene responsible for ALS has now been found, meaning we are closer to an effective treatment. Child mortality is down everywhere and it keeps going down. Panda numbers are growing and the ozone layer is repairing itself. Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won an Oscar.

And that’s what I’m taking into this year. Life happens. S%*t happens. So decide now that there won’t be a repeat of 2016. You are the driver’s seat – be the change we need and start small.

I have a great feeling about you 2017. You are the “Year of Proactive”. Ok, it’s the “Year of the Rooster” but I’m sure 2016 was the cock-up.

Don’t set resolutions, set goals. Manageable, bite size goals so the wins come sooner – and so does the wine to toast the win!

I’ll be proactive in surrounding myself with the right people to lift me to new heights. I will give more, I will listen more, I will question more and I will be more.

Do now, while there is a now (I may have just said that in Yoda’s voice). Decide what you want and what you deserve. Be conscious and courteous with your decisions but don’t put yourself last. You are your greatest asset and your greatest accomplishment. Read, travel, introduce yourself to your neighbors and pay for the next coffee. Positive thoughts create positive change.

Clearly, I have a promising career with Pinterest. Or Hallmark.

Finally, I will not break ANOTHER foot. That was SOOOOOO 2016.

Stampsy is the Music Director and Drive Announcer at K Rock in Geelong
Stampsy does her thing on Twitter and Instagram @only1stampsy