St. Goliath

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St. Goliath

It isn’t every day that you get three Aussie blokes so passionate about menswear that they decide to start a mens clothing line out of their garage, which is essentially what the founders of St. Goliath did way back in 2003. Today, the designs you see on St. Goliath clothing are all due to a very lovely man named Paul Cooper, the head designer for two years at St. Goliath.
It took me less than five minutes in between walking in to St. Goliath HQ and being seated at a desk with Paul to conducting the interview. The office is a flurry of organised mayhem, with people running around all over the place, basically kicking arse and taking names. In saying that, you get the feeling that everybody there is really genuine and lovely, which was my experience with all of the people I got to speak to, including Paul Cooper himself.
“Music is a big source of inspiration for me personally, as well as travelling. I play music myself, I listen to a lot of music and I get really inspired by the culture you find in it,” Paul answered when I asked him to describe what kinds of things inspire the design of St. Goliath clothing. Having been a part of a band and seeing his personal style first hand, it is not at all difficult to see it reflected in the clothing St. Goliath offers.
The graphics and the easy-to-wear colour palette of St. Goliath’s most recent collections are spot on, making any outfit really easy to style. You could wear St. Goliath head-to-toe and it wouldn’t look like a single branded outfit in the slightest, which is all thanks to its clever, subtle graphics and minimalism that makes it so accessible and easy to chuck on and walk out the door. In my opinion, they’ve got down the perfect formula for a no fuss, but still very put together, outfit.
“Another inspiration would be people. I’m a big ‘people watcher’. It can simply be people who come to gigs my band play [The Evening Cast], people hanging out at the beach to people sitting at airports. And just observing how the average person dresses and how people make certain trends work in everyday life.” It’s clear that St. Goliath have a ‘real-life’ human being in mind when putting together their collections, rather than the very strongly trend driven personalities we see plastered on fashion blogging sites.
I managed to get a little sneak peak at some of the new collections coming out over summer, and I must say that it’s so nice to see a brand who aim to bring quality to their customers without any sort of ridiculous price tags attached. There’s nothing worse than buying a top, wearing and washing it, only to have it unravel in your hands. Having studied fabrics in the past, I’m confident in saying that St. Goliath have definitely proven that they value good materials that will wash and wear beautifully.
It’s unexpectedly refreshing to talk to someone who is able to travel for work and still have time to play in a band, as well as do office hours. It seems like the dream, and Paul agrees.“I wake up every morning and I don’t feel like it’s a struggle to get out of bed,” Paul laughs. “I’ve honestly never woken up and felt like I didn’t want to go to work that day. For me, that feels pretty good.”
By Jessica Alves