Spotlight on Port Fairy Folk Festival’s Fans

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Spotlight on Port Fairy Folk Festival’s Fans

Meet Bella Sheridan-Moore

This year’s Port Fairy (2016) celebrated the 40th year of the festival. Forté tracked down long-standing fan Bella for a quick chat.

How long have you been attending the festival for, what caused you to go for the first time?
I was three when I attended my first Port Fairy Folk Festival and initially went due to my mums work. Since then, I have gone most years and as I got older, it became my own choice to go due to the incredible atmosphere and experiences.

What sets the Port Fairy Folk Festival apart from other festivals?

Port Fairy has an incredible immersive atmosphere which, in my opinion, brings out the best in people. At no other festival have I seen so many people start off as strangers, and then end up as good friends. The vibe and opportunities through music and arts the festival provides enables a community to be formed by the end of the four days, allowing the sharing of cultures, experiences, stories and friendships. It’s much more than just a music event.

Is that what keeps bringing you back. If not, what is?
Definitely. The memories I have from the festival, although always involving the music, largely consist of the relationships in which I have built or strengthened during my time at the festival. The warm environment allows you to constantly interact and open up to new things and new people you would never have before.

What is your fondest memory, or a highlight during your time of attending the festival?
To be honest, it is hard to pick just one. I’d say looking back to when I was younger, it was the opportunity to interact with all the adults and be immersed into the magical world of the music industry. Being surrounded by the most incredible creative talents and actually being able to interact with such people opened my eyes to so many new things, from music to everything else. Nothing was off limits and everything seemed possible. Every year at the end of the festival, the best moments always surround the people you spent your time with.

Do you have any tips for first-time attendees of the Port Fairy Folk Festival, or anything they should prepare for? (Travel, weather, food, accommodation, etc.)
All I can say is be open to all the opportunities, the people and the quirkiness of the festival. You meet some of the craziest and unique individuals at the festival, and in any other context, it would be easy to just walk away and stick with your crew, but at Port Fairy you have to reach out, meet new people and be open to new ideas- especially with music!

When & Where: Port Fairy Folk Festival, Port Fairy – March 10 – 13 2017

Photo by Perry Cho