Spotify has lifted its 10,000-song library limit

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Spotify has lifted its 10,000-song library limit

After years of users begging for a change, Spotify has finally caved, eliminating the 10,000-song cap for libraries on the streaming service.

For music lovers, 10,000 songs is inadequate and when users would attempt to save their 10,001st tune, they’d be hit with a message from Spotify congratulating them on their “epic collection”, telling them there was no more room, and that they’d have to remove some songs before they could add more to their library. Very encouraging words for the music lover.

Now, in a new community blog post, the streaming platform has revealed they’ll be removing the cap, allowing their 130 million subscribers worldwide to save songs and build up personal libraries with no limitations.

According to Spotify, requests for the platform to allow unrestricted library limits have been coming from their user base for the last six years.

It’s probably worth noting that this does only applies to users’ online libraries, so you’re still restricted to 10,000 saved downloads to play offline, and playlists will also remain capped at 10,000 songs.

Baby steps guys… baby steps.