Sporting Globe New Year's Eve Frat Party

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Sporting Globe New Year's Eve Frat Party

New Year’s Eve is officially upon us, and we’re guessing you haven’t thought about the possbility of an American themed Frat party for your celebrations? Rather than rushing to the shops to hunt down your decorations, leave it to the professionals. The Sporting Globe have all the beer pong challenges, American themed food, music and more you could ever dream of. Time to bring in 2016 in the classiest American way possible.
Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment? 
As most people could relate to, we’re in the midst of the mad rush before the Christmas break, with planning well underway for our huge NFL Superbowl event on Feb 8.
So the Sporting Globe is set to throw the biggest New Year’s Frat Party in Geelong, what made you decide on this theme for the event?
We felt the frat party theme was very inline with our brand – especially the sports aspect of American college and the fun aspect of the frat games.
And what has the Sporting Globe done to ensure it’s going to be the full authentic American experience?
The big part to any Frat Party is the plastic red cup, everyone knows it’s not a party unless you’ve got a red cup. Plus we’ll have plenty of red, white and blue theming, beer pong, jello shots, wings, nachos and more.
We’ve heard there will be a beer pong competition, on what scale can we expect the comp to be?
We’ll have two tables running and will award the winner of a round robin tournament a token trophy, we’ll also have the tables set up all night for those that want to play.
What training would you advise be undertook in order to give you a fighting change to win?
Beer Pong isn’t so much about skill or talent, it’s all about heart! Don’t give up when you 3-4 cups down, everyone loves an underdog.
So that’s a beer pong comp and dress up, what else can we expect down at the Sporting Globe? 
Expect great music from a local live DJ in the bar area, plus premium cover band Test Pilot Molly in the beer garden. Also; jello shots, red cup punch specials, best dressed prizes, full venue theming and plenty more.
What kind of entertainment will be on as the clock strikes midnight? 
We’ll have live fireworks on the big screen and on around 50+ screens in venue as well as Test Pilot Molly playing into the New Year for the 3rd year running with us, there is no better band to get everyone up on the dance floor.
What’s your best piece of advice on taking in the most from the New Year’s celebrations? 
Embrace the theme, although dress up isn’t compulsory you’ll have way more fun if you do and most importantly dance like nobody is watching!
If someone was undecided about how to celebrate their NYE, what would you say to get them buying tickets to your event? 
Don’t go to the same old boring NYE party, Sporting Globe’s frat party will be something you’ll be talking about for months to come!
Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us, last but not least, what will the Sporting Globe’s resolution be for the New Year? 
Same as every year, we strive to do everything bigger and better than we did in the year before.
When & Where: Sporting Globe, Geelong – December 31