Spoken Word Poetry Night in Geelong: lowercase poetry is on again

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Spoken Word Poetry Night in Geelong: lowercase poetry is on again

Poetry is written to be shared, to be read, to be performed. Poetry is written to be received. Charles Bukowski said it well when he wrote; “If you’re doing it for money or fame, don’t do it.” Poetry isn’t something for material gain. At its core, poetry is a form of expression, release and for discovering the inner most elements of who you are, and also, as the trio behind lowercase poetry have found, it’s also about connecting with others.
Created by Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, Annie Mullen-Walsh and Yasmin Mobayad, lowercase is a night that invites those new and familiar to poetry to share their craft with an audience of like-minded people. The night strips away the preconceived ideas of poetry and simply allows something that’s seen as a relatively personal practice to become a lot more public.
Hosting various nights over the year, they are back for the second event this year with a night of poetry on Thursday March 15 at the new location, The Workers Club. This time, the night will be guided by the theme ‘Fire’.
It’s just $2 for entry, beer and dinner from 6:30pm and the words kick off at 7pm.
All poetry lovers are welcome! Under 18 poets just need an adult accompanying them. If anyone wants to share a poem, they just sign up on the night.
Visit www.facebook.com/lowercasepoetry for more info.