Spiritual Enlightenment with Drunk Mums

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Spiritual Enlightenment with Drunk Mums

Having built a reputation over the years for their rowdy live shows and impressive knack for riling up their audiences with straight-to-the-heart punches of percussion and dirty guitar riffs, it’s no surprise that once you do a Drunk Mums show, you can’t turn back.
Well, turns out the drunkies boys are all avid stargazers and believers in the powers beyond this mortal realm… which just might have effect on their epic shows. Here’s a quick rundown of the four vessels of energy that feed the symbiotic and magical vehicle that is Drunk Mums.
Taurus: Adam (bass + vocals)
Above all, Adam is a very sensual being. Though his antics on-stage may give the illusion of a demon spawned from the very depths of punk hell, he is in fact a practical and ambitious individual. He owns two beach houses, three sports cars and enjoys kite surfing in his spare time. When he dies he wants to come back as an Angus cow.
Pisces: Jake (guitar + vocals)
Jake the Dingo Doyle heralds from the Pisces sector. A helpful and empathetic individual, you will often see him in a soup kitchen and St. Vincents helping others. True to his sign he is the Zodiac’s most creative soul. When he dies he wants to come back as a house cat… Like a tabby or ginger or some shit.
Libra: Jonny (drums + vocals)
Jonny is the balance. On a good day he can be charming and sincere but on a bad day melodramatic and vain. He seeks peace and harmony in everything he does so why he chose to commit himself to this raucous rock n roll lifestyle we’ll never know. When he dies he wants to come back as himself because he’s so good looking (there’s that vanity).
Aquarius: Dean (guitar + vocals)
Last of all is the Dean Machine (no one calls him that). His lucky numbers are 7.22 and 23,345. Being an Aquarius, he is affectionate but frank in manner and has a propensity to talk shit when given a microphone on stage. He is however charming and secure in his skin. When he dies he wants to come back as a dolphin.
Check out their new single ‘Phantom Limb’ lifted from their upcoming album ‘Urban Cowboy’ (out November 9th).

When & Where: Barwon Club, Geelong – November 29 & Karova Lounge, Ballarat – November 30.