CLOSED: Spice up your G&Ts, we’re giving away bottles of this exotic spiced gin

CLOSED: Spice up your G&Ts, we’re giving away bottles of this exotic spiced gin

Spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, black pepper from India and coriander from Morocco give this unique gin its spicy kick.

If there’s something we’ve been looking forward to, it’s this time of the year — when the sun is beaming, clothes-wearing is at a minimum and afternoon drinking in the sun is at a maximum. There’s really not much that can beat reclining back after a hard day’s work on a sun lounge with an overflowing G&T or tasty cocktail, especially for the gin-lovers out there.

While we’re all for the classics, we’ve been locked up with the familiar for far too long. Now is the time to branch out from your usual favourite brand and to try your hand at mixing cocktails with a new flavour profile… you know, live on the wild side!

If you’re keen to spice up your summer, we have a gin that can do just that.

Meet OPIHR Gin and their Oriental Spiced Gin. An aromatic take on London Dry Gin, this baby is the perfect celebratory spirit to inspire a curiosity for discovery as we look forward to a future full of travel and new experiences.

Inspired by the adventurous spirit of merchants travelling thousands of miles to trade exotic spices and botanicals from distant lands, the spiced concoction is made using exotic hand-picked botanicals, herbs and spices of the Orient. Carefully chosen by OPIHR’s Master Distiller, there’s a divine mix of spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, cardamom and Tellicherry black pepper from India, and coriander from Morocco.

During the distilling process, the botanicals are married with fine English spirit to produce an exotic oriental spiced gin… one that promises to transport you from the hammock in your backyard to some of the most charming destinations around the world.

Sounds intensely delicious right?

To celebrate our passion for travel and adventure, albeit in our backyard with a G&T, we’re giving away four bottles of this exotic gin!

All you have to do is enter your details below to go in the running.

Competition closes Wednesday November 25. By entering, you agree to receive marketing collateral from Forte and competition partners. For more info, check out our privacy policy.

That’s not all though.

While the gin is enough to transport you to another place, the legends at OPIHR have also launched their own unique ‘Postcard to Adventure’ competition, where they’ll be sharing postcards from some of their favourite places along the ancient spice route, from which their botanicals are sourced. Australians are asked to head to their website and post their top travel tip from their favourite destination for a chance to win several travel-related prizes, including a $3,500 travel voucher, Kaiser Baas 4k Action Camera Packs, and OPIHR Gin Packs.


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