Spend your NYE at the Hill

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Spend your NYE at the Hill

Planning for any new years activities is always fraught with the anxiety of how to best lessen the inevitable disappointment of a usually over-hyped night… well fret no more because Victoria’s best boutique New Year’s bash is back! That’s right, returning to those postcard-worthy hills of The Farm in South Gippsland, NYE on the Hill will be ringing in 2019 on Sunday 30 December, Monday 31 December and Tuesday 1 January for three days and two nights of ridiculously good times.
We could think of no better place to be hunting for a NYE midnight pash or hurling a mixture of champagne and bourbon against a tree stump at three in the morning of a fresh new year… especially when it’s being headed by Australia’s legendary folk-punk favourites The Smith Street Band! Here’s a few things to think about as you prepare for your trip to the hill this December.
Get your ticket.
This one seems obvious but for some reason there’s a small portion of us that inevitably leave it until last minute… and then we miss out. So, get your ticket in advance. Festivals sell out, especially this one with only 2,700 tickets up for grabs. Yes that’s right, this boutique bash has a strict capacity and a totally unique vibe. If you miss out though, there are a number of reliable and reputable secondary ticket markets you can buy your tickets from. Steer clear of sites like Viagogo, you will most likely get ripped off and possibly not even get into the event.
Invest in a proper tent
You’re going to need a bigger tent. Just because a festival tent says it sleeps two, it doesn’t mean two people should sleep in it. If you’re a regular camper who is used to cramped conditions and compact camping, you can probably handle being cooped up, but most festival-goers will find that they have a more comfortable night if they go up a size, allowing more space and extra storage. It’s also a good idea to pitch it at home first so you know how it’s done.
Write a list
Time seems to fly closer to the end of the year, and you don’t want to be packing last minute from a list off the top of your head. Write a list and slowly start getting everything you need. When it gets to the day before, you’ll be glad that you’re not running around trying to find a pair of gumboots that fit. Think of the essentials, like backpacks, sleeping bags, sensible festival clothing, comfy shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks, portable charger packs, basic medication (think paracetamol, insect repellent, indigestion tablets etc. your less prepared friends might be very thankful) and of course all your toiletries. Keep all your valuables at home, most festival goers are really friendly, but don’t make yourself an easy target. Oh and your alcohol! This one’s BYO so start filling the esky.
Consider how you’re getting to the festival
This one probably doesn’t seem like a big deal right away, but you’ll definitely want to have this sorted before the festival creeps up on you. There’s a few options, but travelling by car is probably your best bet with this one. So organise a crew, print out maps if you have to, check the road conditions before you drive and fill the tank! The majority of festivals will have sign posting closer to the festival grounds, but be prepared to wait in car parking queues.
When & Where: NYE on the Hill goes down in South Gippsland from Sunday 30 December – Tuesday 1 January at The Farm – 10 mins from Loch Village | 20 mins from Wonthaggi | 95 mins from Melbourne. Tickets via www.nyeonthehill.com.au