Spectral Fires: Wayfarer EP

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Spectral Fires: Wayfarer EP

Opening with a rough, garage-rock-esque guitar intro, sometimes that’s all you need to hear to be instantly hooked. The rest of ‘New Resolve’ follows on a similar vein, with the different vocal stylings layered over each other – giving it an effect of never coming across too harsh, and when things come in hard they ease back off within seconds.

The hard and fast style of the vocals adds to the unique melodic style Spectral Fires have created. Each line is delivered angry, tense and as if the words are shooting out of lead singer Jack Jeffree’s mouth before his mind has a chance to comprehend them. The EP is embittered, emotive and it’s highlighted in tracks ‘False Step’ and ‘Endure’. ‘Turnover’ is perhaps the most emotive of the EP, with the guitar carrying the feelings expressed in the lyrics. It’s a fine way to finish off what is a surprisingly thoughtful release. Of no surprise with its hard and fast nature (which is echoed in the vocals and instruments), Spectral Fires have been showcased on triple j’s Short.Fast.Last.

Collision Course Records/MGM Distribution
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh