Spacegoat: 33

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Spacegoat: 33

I’m not sure how I missed 33 when it was first released, but I’m glad I finally got the chance to give it a listen because Bendigo-based Spacegoat have delivered an absolutely huge EP that’ll quickly become a favourite to fans of Halestorm and Evanescence.

‘Big Picture Sacrifice’ is a stadium rock affair that’ll be sure to score huge singalongs in the aggressive chorus of “Get your game face on, only the strong survive.”

‘The Push’ opens with a sexy simmering riff before going into very unique rap-esque angular vocals in the second verse, definitely something I’d like to see the band experiment more with in the future.

‘The Crest’ is a much more melodic approach that would be made for a mesmerising point in a live set. Featuring slow hypnotising guitar, ominous vocals and sheer depth in its sound, it would be as equally suited on a film soundtrack as it would be to being played to thousands in stadium-sized shows.

‘Doomsday Love Affair’ proved to be my favourite song of the release due to its droney funk breakdowns akin to the likes of Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf. After listening to ‘33’, it amazes me that Spacegoat isn’t being played on more rock radio stations; definitely, one to check out.

Reviewed by Alex Callan