Sound Production at Oxygen College

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Sound Production at Oxygen College

Oxygen College is one of Geelong’s most exciting creative destinations, offering courses in music performance, electronic music, music business, sound production, photography, video, and painting and drawing. Forté chat to Head of Music Industry Peter Flynn about the Certificate IV in Music Industry (Sound Production Skill Set) – a course which gives students the opportunity to discover live sound production and studio recording.

Can you give us a quick overview of the part-time Sound Production course?

The course offers an introduction to the basics of studio and live sound, with a focus on Pro Tools fundamentals, basic studio operation and setting up and running a small sound reinforcement system.
What kind of student is this course suitable for and would it be more suited to hobbyists or professionals?
This course is suitable for students who are keen to start their journey in sound production, or build on the knowledge they may already have. This course is probably more suited to a hobbyist, or someone who is looking to start their career in sound.

What are some key elements students learn from completing this program?

For the topic of recorded sound, students will learn the basic functions of the Pro Tools recording software, including setting up sessions, recording audio, navigation, editing and mixing techniques. They will also learn how to set-up and record instruments in a studio environment. For the topic of live sound, students will learn the use of small and large analogue consoles for a small system through to an intermediate system. They will also be given an introduction to the use of a digital console.
Do students get access to all of Oxygen’s wonderful facilities?
Students get access to one of our industry standard digital recording studios with a list of microphones to match. They will also have access to a range of live sound equipment, including mixing consoles, both analogue and digital and varying speakers and effects equipment.

At the end of the six month course, what will a student have achieved?

By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of how to use Pro Tools in both a home and studio setting, having recorded a band in the studio and mixed the songs to achieve a final product. They will also have used various live sound reinforcement systems to provide sound for solo performers and also a full band on stage.

Do you work on any real music/studio projects during the course?

The studio projects recorded will be used for educational purposes, allowing students to develop their skills in particular areas. The skills gained will hopefully help students in their own future endeavours.
The course begins February 19 and runs for six months.
Cost is determined by your eligibility for government funding.
Call 03 5215 9175 for further inquiries.