Something old, something new

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Something old, something new

We bought a Fish last year. A beautiful blue and white board with four fins, a bit of volume through the middle, V tail and a classic fish shape.

I’ve had a range of boards over the years. Everything from single fins through to a twin fin, thrusters, mini mal and finally a couple of longboards.

A couple of years ago a documentary came out titled FISH by Joseph Ryan. The film looked at the origin and impact of the fish surfboard design and how it would influence surfing culture 30 years after its ‘discovery’.

The film was great. It had some amazing interviews, an awesome soundtrack and great surfing by some of the world’s best free surfers including Rob Machado and Dave Rastovich. Everyone I know who saw the film started to talk about either wanting to buy a fish surfboard or upgrade they’re current fish to something better.

The film certainly lit a spark for me and 12 months later we purchased a Fish surfboard for my daughter who had just discovered surfing. She had a few goes on it but preferred the stability of my longboards as she built up her confidence in the water and developed new skills.

Fast forward 12 months and we decided to buy another fish, this time for my partner Kim and myself. This fish was a bit longer and had more volume then my daughters. It looked great and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

We finally got it out this summer and managed to have some great fun catching waves until my daughter saw how much fun it was and before you know it she had laid claim to OUR fish. I didn’t mind. It was great to see her catching waves and turning on this much board which was longer then her fish but a lot shorter then the longboards.

So this summer has been one of discovery. A few new surfboards in the quiver (which always led to a new energy and vibe…. There is NOTHING like paddling out on a new surfboard in fun waves to put a smile on your face.

For the last 30 years surfers have been stoked to jump on a fish and discover a whole new world of surfing. New ways to ride the wave, different waves to ride and a whole new range of turns and moves which make surfing fun.

We have two fish surfboards and my daughter has laid claim to both of them… I think I’d better start looking for another one this year.

Written by John Foss