Something is Bugging Obits

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Something is Bugging Obits

Brooklyn-based music-makers Obits are back for their second tour of Australia. What do they do? They play music in the areas of garage, punk and surf. You can call ’em surf-punk if you like. Garage-punk works, too. Just don’t be calling them surf-garage. The lads have a new album to show off, last year’s Bed & Bugs. The album is their third full-length effort. From the presser: “There are scenes and there are connections; trending hashtags and experiences. It’s cool, these are not either/or propositions and there’s no need to postulate any us vs. any them, the kids today and the back in my day. Much of what’s best about any music, all art, across genres, within and beyond the latest craze, is the way it speaks to some definition of ‘us’.” The Barwon Club, Geelong – August 1.