Something good is always brewing at Farm Dog Brewing

Something good is always brewing at Farm Dog Brewing

Words by Alice Ruby McDonald

It’s time to meet the Farm Dog family

There’s always a smile on the faces of the people at McGlashan winery on a Friday evening, thanks to this new local business – Farm Dog Brewing.

Jaimie and Maddy McGlashan, the faces behind Farm Dog Brewing, have their parents to thank for owning the McGlashan Winery Estate where all their brewing takes place. The family-run microbrewery draws upon flavours they like to taste and smell, and since launching earlier this year, Farm Dog’s unique and delicious beers and gins have become a local favourite.

“We [draw] on the beers and gins we liked to drink ourselves as a starting point. We then created multiple flavour combinations and did lots of taste testing! Our speciality gins have been inspired by our own memorable tasting experiences.

“Our Christmas Gin is inspired by our head distiller, Jeremy’s favourite Christmas dessert; pumpkin pie and the Pandan gin was invented after enjoying a Pandan cocktail at Gooley’s Bar Geelong.”

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A typical Friday night at their pop-ups at McGlashans tend to have the woodfire pizza oven roaring and the beers flowing. With gin tasting boards and a beer paddle both paired with tasting notes and flavour profiles, you’ll feel like a real pro sipping away on these flavoursome delights.

“Our four-legged Farm Dog helpers are eager to greet all of our guests and ensure they have a great time. Our aim was to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with quality produce and good vibes that people would want to keep coming back to!”


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The flavour profiles are the main event of the brews at Farm Dog Brewing, with the most popular choice being their Pale Ale and Small Batch Gin and Tonic.

The Pale Ale is described as “bold but playful, like a sausage dog in a puffer vest, with not-so-subtle hints of our favourite hops.”

And as for the Small Batch Gin, it’s a “lively, floral aroma with generous notes of citrus. The flavour is smooth on the tongue with cardamon spice, and is lengthened by the subtle bitterness of juniper berries.”

But in keeping with the four-legged theme, it’s mostly depicted as “bold as a German Shepherd in a long-distance race with a tractor, and as elegant & smooth as his stride.” What’s not to love?


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I highly recommend checking out the Farm Dog Brewing website to find out more about all the flavour profiles of their beers and gins. As for what’s next? Do I hear a potential sour beer on its way? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. Wink wink.

To purchase their gins head to the website here. Otherwise, see you on Friday’s at 6pm at McGlashan’s Estate in Wallington.