Sofala: Sofala

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Sofala: Sofala

After first seeing Sofala about a year and a half ago I have been holding out for them to release more material, so naturally I was pretty chuffed about the surprise release of their self-titled EP.

Exploring the realms of psych with slow funky basslines, mesmerising keys and powerful Jim Morrison-esque vocals, Sofala adds another layer to the already vibrant Melbourne psych scene.

‘Confetti Dreams,’ is a huge opener, a drawn out yet groovy track that wouldn’t be out of place in Nick Caves catalogue.

‘Luminous Blues’ adds some droney shoegaze guitar to the works. ‘Empty Eyes’ is a seductive lounge-jazz number that pleasantly took me by surprise; definitely a style I would love to see them keep pushing as a band. ‘Prisoners Cinema’ opens very subtly with Charlie Perry’s enigmatic vocals being the primary focal point of the song. ‘In Touch’ the albums closer is by far the most dancey and upbeat number on the EP.

‘Sofala’ is a cinematic experience that starts slow and melancholic to gradually thaws out into a 60’s styled psych jam… a brilliantly executed first release.

Reviewed by Alex Callan