So Frenchy So Chic: Werribee Park Mansion

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So Frenchy So Chic: Werribee Park Mansion

Werribee Park Mansion, January 10
Performers: DJ Mike G, Hindi Zahra, Brigitte, Lou Doillon & Soviet Suprem

Usually when I hear the words ‘music’ and ‘festival’ paired together, I think of alcohol, loud bands and sweaty mosh pits everywhere.

Whilst So Frenchy, So Chic did cover some of those subheadings, it was absolutely nothing like any music festival I’d ever been to in the past.

It was an absolutely perfect day for the outdoor festival — not to hot, not too cold and very still, it was so easy to sit under a tree, whilst eating and listening to music all day.

Lou Doillon
Everybody was dressed so cleanly and sweetly, the women with flower crowns in their hair and floaty summery dresses, and men in button-down short sleeved shirts and shorts.

Held at the beautiful Werribee mansion, the festival was all kinds of classy. A few of my friends and I piled in my car and packed a big picnic of fruits, cold meats, cheese and other snacks, as well as a much needed picnic blanket.

We were able to set up camp about one-hundred-meters from the stage under a shady tree, and spent the day listening to French bands, drinking Rosè by the bottle and exploring the grounds.

Without critiquing each individual musician that payed on the day, I think that its fair to say that all of the artists were fun, energetic and soulful — there wasn’t an unenjoyable moment of music.

Personally, I adored every element of this day, from the fashions to the food, (and most importantly the music), which is why I’ll most definitely be returning next year.

Written by Jessica Alves