Slumberjack: Sarawak

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Slumberjack: Sarawak

Slumberjack took their time putting this EP together. Two years in fact. It was, of all things, a holiday that helped them get the album over the line. Returning to the home of one half of the duo, Morgan Then, Slumberjack found solace in Sarawak, Borneo.

The concise record has the sounds of a bamboo-wind-chime clinking in background throughout, almost keeping the beat as a Metronome does. The tropical reverbs and rollercoaster chord progressions heard here would fit right at home as a soundtrack for a highlight-reel of paradise. The closing track, aptly titled ‘Closure’ ft. Ekali, is the auditory equivalent of a jungle coming alive at night – fitting.

It seems Slumberjack are chasing that bigger and louder EDM sound. Ever growing in complexity, they are climbing a proverbial Everest to Maximal nirvana. The same RL Grime influences that can be heard in tour-mate Alison Wonderland’s tracks are on full display here.

As the city of Sarawak is likely a sensory overload, so too is Sarawak the EP. If they continue down the “More and More” path, one can only await the “less is more” turning point.

Reviewed by Darby-Perrin Larner