Slumberjack: Fracture EP

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Slumberjack: Fracture EP

While you’re likely to have heard title track ‘Fracture’ on triple j by now, wow, Slumberjack have so much more to offer than that. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Fracture’ is a great track, but there are many more worthy of your attention.

‘Afraid Unafraid’ featuring Sydnee Carter for one is an absolute banger, the chorus is the kind that would have everyone dropping on the floor. Beat heavy, synth-laden and just what you want for a night out. Not to mention the vocal ability of Sydnee Carter (albeit it is quite altered).

Slumberjack have clearly made a focus of featuring a female vocal, ‘Take Me’ with KLP is a particularly interesting addition, and adds a bit more diversity to the sound and layering produced in the other tracks on the release. The only thing concerning with this, is will they be able to adapt or will it get old? Though for the time being, I’ve got no complaints here. 10 out of 10 banger. I will say, ‘Cradle to Grave’ shows promise for that not happening. Love to hear more of that.

4 Stars
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot