Sleuth: Umbra/Anima

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Sleuth: Umbra/Anima

Umbra/Anima is an incredible release. Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect going into it but overall Sleuth has an incredibly cinematic sound that’s mixed with vocals that would make Beth Gibbons proud.

‘Make A Meal Out Of You’ is melancholic and ambient but very groovy, similar vibes to Alt J’s ‘Hunger Of The Pine’ with impressive and enigmatic vocals.‘Poison Skin’ is an interesting addition to the album, considering it was recorded live but it’s also the point on the album where it’s truly noticeable how impressive Sleuth really is, I can imagine it would of been great to see live.

‘Stinkfist’ is an incredible rendition of Tool’s song of the same name, the cover is honestly that good that I wonder how many listeners would of clued on that it is actually a cover as Sleuth has genuinely made it her own.

‘High Above’ features impressive guitar work from Aaron Francis which is a very welcomed change up.‘Empty Room’ features cool industrial bass with electronic percussion which delivers such a huge sound, kind of reminiscent to Chelsea Wolfe.

All in all, I hope Sleuth keeps honing her craft because she’s onto something special here.

Reviewed by Alex Callan