Sleuth: Alter Ego

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Sleuth: Alter Ego

After reviewing Sleuth’s first release, I struggle to believe that I’m listening to the same act. No longer is Sleuth a melodic and sombre artist along the lines of Chelsea Wolfe, instead, she’s closer to 1980’s Goa-Trance act Hallucinogen.

Whilst most songwriters at this point in Sleuths career begin writing songs with hopes that producers will come along and have the backing track to match, Sleuth has jumped two steps ahead and already made the songs with these backings, so much so that the three songs genuinely sound as if they are remixes.

‘Reach You’ opens with an ominous spoken-word approach that really give off a Pagan meets psytrance vibe with lyrics such as ‘Close your eyes, open your mind, reach for me, feel how close I am.’ By the time the hard-hitting techno beat kicks in it reminded me of Morten Granau’s remix of Neelix’s ‘Call Me’, something I found to be a hugely pleasant surprise.

‘We Could Be Art’ was the highlight for me being ruled by a much more sexy, loungey techno sound. The mysterious soundscapes would be perfectly suited for the soundtrack to any Guy Ritchie film.

‘The Wolf’ really took me by surprise due to its 90’s rave style. Pretty much, if it was found at the start of the film Blade instead of the remix of New Order, it wouldn’t be out of place. A really cool song although as it was so heavily techno-based. I did find this to be the most out-dated electronic style of all found on the EP. But that being said, I can’t believe this is the direction Sleuth has gone in and it’s a risk that has obviously paid off. I can’t wait to see what she dabbles in next.

Reviewed by Alex Callan