Six new ways to spend our sixth time in lockdown when you’ve finished everything on Netflix

Six new ways to spend our sixth time in lockdown when you’ve finished everything on Netflix

Words by Benjamin Lamb

Things to do in quarantine that’ll stave off those isolation blues, and keep your brain from turning into a cup of jelly.

While we’re all in our sixth round of lockdowns, we’ve exhausted all the usual stuff.

Everyone’s kind of over baking bread, having zoom parties or exercising, so today we’re diving into some other ways to kill some time at home, and maybe even pick up a new skill or two.

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Crockd Pottery Kits

If lockdown’s got you stressed – look no further than some pottery art therapy.

Aussie business Crockd offer some state of the art pottery kits to design and create anything of your choosing. Their DIY kit has enough clay to make four items – mugs usually being the thing of choice, to give that morning coffee a bit of extra flare.

The packs have everything you need to help you along the way, so there’s no added extra costs or anything more you need to purchase. The pack says it’ll kill 60-90 minutes, so the perfect way to kill some time.

Check out Crockd’s full catalogue here.

Asian Home Cooking Course

If you’ve ever had aspirations of being a chef, then check out Otao Kitchen’s awesome cooking classes.

They’ve broken down some of the most popular asian cuisines into some cool online lessons – some fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Indonesian Yellow Rice, Indian Prawn Masala, and even Chinese stir fry to name a few.

Before you attend the lesson, you need to make sure you have the necessary equipment and ingredients.

Each lesson is an easy $39 too! – the same amount as an Uber Eats order anyway. Or grab a gift card and attend a few lessons.

Check out some more info on the classes, and check out the full timetable and roster here.

Learn How To Write A Song

It’s said that a bunch of older Aussies always wished they’d learnt how to play an instrument.

You can learn how to use an instrument everyone’s got – your voice, and put it to good use in learning how to write a song. You’ll be brought along for the ride with a popular songwriter and tutor who will give you the ins and outs of the songwriting craft.

It’s said any type of person can check out these lessons, they’re perfect for all – those with decades of experience, or those who haven’t even considered music once in their lives.

Sign up to the class here, done through Open Education – so it’s free!

Check Out A Masterclass

We’ve all seen them pop up on Youtube videos, but why not try one out?

If you’ve never heard of them before, experts in every field out there teach you their craft.

You want to learn how to cook? – Gordon Ramsey will break down the basics. You want to learn how to write a TV show? – Shonda Rhimes (Bridgerton, Grey’s Anatomy) will show you how.
You want to learn how to act? – None other than Dame Helen Mirren will show you how.

The courses are a little pricey, but for around $30 a month, you get access to all those classes, so it’ll definitely pay off.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, check out the full list of tutors here.

Attend an American Livestream

Sure, we have some really awesome live streams and virtual concerts here, but it’s defiantly worth checking out one from the US.

Since it’s been over 15 months since any foreign acts toured Australia, it’s worth catching your favourite comedian on a livestream through Rushtix. They offer awesome live-streamed comedy gigs to fans across the globe all in the comfort of their own home.

These aren’t unknown comedians either – in the past they’ve put on live streams with Sarah Silverman, John Cleese, and Rob Schneider to name a few.

Check out some upcoming gigs here.

Enhance Movie Night

With a bunch of new movies coming out and no real way to see them, why not recreate the experience at home?

Pick up a cheap fancy projector here for an easy $99, order some Candy Bar Snacks from Village Cinemas via Uber Eats, and make yourself comfortable for a night of fun viewing. If you really feel like going all out, hang up some fairy lights in the lounge to really up the atmosphere.

If you’re stuck on what to watch, check out this guide for all your viewing needs.