Sisters Doll: Australia’s Got Talent Finalists

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Sisters Doll: Australia’s Got Talent Finalists

“We wanted something new to the daily grind of touring, we wanted to help expand our name out there. We thought this year was the right year to give it a crack,” front man Brennan Monroe says.

And give it a crack they have, with Melbourne based glam rockers Sisters Doll now successfully making it through to the finals of Australia’s Got Talent. However, the three Western Australian born brothers are no newbies to the spotlight. Originating as a band in 2010, their list of achievements are already stacked up, including playing at the prestigious Hollywood live music venue ‘The Whiskey A Go Go’ and their single ‘Dollhouse’ off debut LP Welcome To The Dollhouse reaching over 50,000 views on YouTube.

Establishing a name for themselves through vigorous touring, the boys have developed a reputation for having fast paced rock ‘n’ roll performances including the use of pyrotechnics, special effects and of course costumes. When asked about touring, the band’s eccentric front man and lead guitarist Brennan Monroe chuckles, “It’s good fun but touring is never as glamorous as a lot of people think it is.” Reflecting on certain fond memories he shares, “We have played some hard places to play, and not hard rock, just some hard places. We have played gigs that were entirely mine workers and they were all laughing and yelling but about three songs in, because it was high energy and we didn’t care we just did what we did. We won them over and not one of them left.”

Making the trek down to Geelong, B.Monroe, Auzy Foxxx and Lipz will be rocking the Motor City Music Festival at the start of March. “We are super pumped for the festival, we are going to give a lot of energy and some rockin’ tunes. We are currently waiting for them to get back to us regarding some of our pyrotechnics and special effects. If we are approved and sweet to go ahead with it we will be bringing it all and be putting on the best show we can for Geelong.” If the pyrotechnics are not approved Sisters Doll have vowed to put everything into the performance regardless “it will still be a rockin’ show and we will get the crowd involved – it’ll be a really good night”.

With a new album and their first release since 2013 looming on the horizon, there is a lot for the boys to look forward to.

“We will be recording a new album and then once that is recorded we will tour Australia and then after that hopefully head to America or Europe. Just getting the new album out is our main priority, and refresh the band a bit, the new album will give us a new lease on life and hopefully people like it,” he says.

If you haven’t come across the boys donning their outfits and doing their thing in a live set, it would definitely be one to add to your to do list. They give you a genuine show you can’t help but get immersed in. Sisters Doll are one of the only modern rock bands that still incorporates theatrics into their sets and you can really notice the difference live. But Brennan stays humble, “At the end of the day we just go out and do what we do and people either love us or hate us, that’s the sort of band that we are”.

Written by Alex Callan

When & Where: Motor City Music Festival, Geelong Showgrounds – March 11-13

Sisters Doll have no successfully made it through to the finals of Australia’s Got Talent. Catch the final on the 9th of March on Channel 9.