Melbourne singer-songwriter TAMS/N OTWAY teases two new singles

Melbourne singer-songwriter TAMS/N OTWAY teases two new singles

Photo by Eliza Hoyland
Words by Kiera Varrese

Soundtrack your summer with chilled out dream-pop from this up and coming artist.

Independent artist TAMS/N OTWAY has announced she will be releasing two new singles this summer.

The first single TAMS/N will drop on January 29 is ‘You,’ a smooth track with a tropical house vibe. Perfect for fans of Mabel, MØ, and Kygo.

‘I’m Alright,’ out February 5, has a completely different feel. Glittery alt-pop with a darker undertone, this track calls to mind King Princess and Mallrat.

In TAMS/N’s words, these upcoming tracks are “ a little sad and a little sexy.”

Her new releases are a departure from her stripped back, Lana Del Rey influenced EP ‘Sin’ and single ‘Fallen Angel,’ both released in 2020.

But switching up her sound is all in the fun for TAMS/N.

“I always write songs based on my mood, so I don’t think I’ll ever be the same thing. I love being experimental and not one to be put in a box.”

Even though TAMS/N only began her music career last year, she has always been creative.

“I wrote songs as a kid, making up jingles and love songs before I’d even had my first heartbreak. I started learning guitar after high school and could not stop writing after that.”

She began performing her work at small bars and burlesque venues, working towards her ‘Sin’ EP.

“[The tracks on the EP] were meant to be demos, because I thought, “well I can’t get them produced now.” But people really enjoyed them and I was honestly surprised but really grateful for the love and support.”

Since then, TAMS/N has been spending time finding her style. Eager to explore her interest in pop music, she recently began learning music production.

Since COVID, I just don’t want to fuck around anymore. I want to do what makes me happy and do the things I’ve always wanted to do.”

Keep an eye out for these upcoming releases – we guarantee you’ll be an instant fan.

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