Simply Divine

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Simply Divine

With their blend of thick, driving rhythms, atmospheric layers, intricate solos and powerful, emotive vocals, Divine Ascension has struck a loud chord with metal fans. Part of the band’s appeal is frontwoman Jennifer Borg, whose voice once heard is not easily forgotten. They formed out of Melbourne in 2007 after guitarist Robb Inglis placed an ad in melband. Drummer Luke Wenczel was first to spot the ad, and the others were soon to follow. Divine Ascension was chosen as they name – it was the only one everyone agreed upon. The band has released two albums in 2011’s As the Truth Appears and 2014’s Liberator. Metal Obsession’s Jonathon Besanko had this to say about their latest work: “There is so much happening on this record, but none of it ever feels bloated or lost. The richness of content on Liberator is its strength, not its burden. Whether it’s in the consistently impressive vocal showing of Jennifer Borg, the emotionally impacting keys of David Van Pelt, the symphonious overtures, or the gorgeously melodic solos and guitar work, Liberator is a feat of imagination and musical ingenuity. An album worthy of every piece of praise it’s given.” Music Man, Bendigo – May 15 & The Barwon, Geelong – May 30.