Simon Imrei’s new single Stand Still is a sweet little acoustic tale

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Simon Imrei’s new single Stand Still is a sweet little acoustic tale

With more than a decade of consistent live shows across the country and a number of great albums, EP and singles to his name, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Simon Imrei has perfected the art of creating blues/roots and folk-inspired songs, blending looped beats with layered riffs, harmonies, and honest storytelling.

Following up on his most recent release, the two-part album The Sum of Scenes (2018), Imrei is back with his brand-new single ‘Stand Still’, a melancholy Americana daydream about heading down the coast with someone, living out of an old suitcase and sharing the quiet in amongst the craziness of life’s day today.

If the lyrics aren’t enough to have a calming effect on you, the musingly slow tempo and Imrei’s honest, soulful singing certainly should.

Drawing influence from the likes of John Mayer and Paul Simon, the subtle acoustic folk-pop tune, tinged with vintage tape tones of this single evoked a sense of nostalgia of a lost dream, as if you’re talking to an old friend about just leaving it all behind.

Seriously skating along on a smooth folky groove, it’s hard not to at least tap your toes to this one.

Check the track out below.

This is first offering from a new EP to be released later in the year so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more sweet, folky goodness.

Simon Imrei will be performing at a special launch show this Saturday (May 18th) at the Merri Creek Tavern in Northcote. Tickets can be found here.