Silvers Circus

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Silvers Circus

Silvers Circus has been touring Australia for four decades now and continues to deliver premier entertainment to crowds of all ages. The touring circus will be in Geelong until April 12 before moving on to Colac and Warrnambool, I headed down to the big top and spoke with The Ringleader himself, Mr Simon Tait.
“We always love Geelong, it’s beautiful! The foreshore, the restaurants, the people – it’s just gorgeous, we really love it!” Simon beams.
Since its establishment in 1976 by circus couple, Anton and Anna Gasser, Silvers has very much stayed in the family, with their three children Tony, Rosita and Dominik and their families all playing their parts. This being said though, the circus endeavours to bring its audiences the cream of the crop in terms of international performers and acts.
“Silvers Circus is trying to be a cut above, to try and bring out the best performers. We have our stock crew, but we also have feature performers like Ramon (Kathriner) from Switzerland doing the high-wire, Gypsy Gomez from Argentina with the hula hoops – she spins up to 100 hula hoops at a time her act is unbelievable,” Simon, a performer of over 25 years tells me.
“As well as that, we put a lot of effort into production, we make it vibrant and up to date. We have illusions throughout the show as well as not only the performance ring but also the stage behind, to help give a nice theatre feel. We’ve done away with the dusty old circus ring and put in an elevated stage, so no matter where you sit you’re going to have a nice view.”
As well as Ramon and Gypsy, the circus also features acts including, The Globe Of Death featuring Dominik Gasser, Ricardo Costa-De-Araujo (Brazil) & Jean Michel Lyelzkorozky Cardona ,who speed around inside of a three and a half meter diameter metal globe on motorbikes. While they ride around they manage to miss not only each other but also brave Jessica Dobson by mere millimetres. Dominik and Ramon also perform in what is known as The Wheel of Steele, which is executed on an apparatus that “defies description” and has to be seen to be believed. Rosita Gasser does her thing on the Roman Rings and there is plenty more magic, mystery and entertainment from Simon and his crew.
The circus travels and performs for 11 months of the year, with just a four week break for the artists to either head home or go on a well deserved relaxing holiday. Simon insists though, however gruelling their performance schedules may be, the circus operates as a large self-sustaining community, “We’re like a really big family, we all look after each other and have a good time.”
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Silvers is a show that is not just for young children. Simon insists groups of all ages should get a long and ‘roll up, roll up’ to the show, with tickets starting at just $30 for adults and $30 for children, it is quality entertainment at a very affordable price.
“It’s suitable for everyone, there’s something for all ages, from the little kids to the grandparents. It’s been surprising us the number of teenagers getting along, because we’ve got these thrill acts like the wheel of steel and the globe of death.”
Who knows when the circus will be in town next, but make sure you don’t miss out on this institution – after all it’s been around for over 30 years.
When & Where Geelong Show Grounds – March 25-April 12, Colac Showgrounds – April 15-19 & Gateway Plaza, Warrnambool April 22-May 3
Written by Abbey King