‘Shout A Barwon Health Healthcare Worker A Coffee’ campaign has raised more than $12,000

‘Shout A Barwon Health Healthcare Worker A Coffee’ campaign has raised more than $12,000

As the fight against coronavirus continues, frontline health workers are tirelessly caring for patients around the clock — and communities around the nation are giving back.

Campaigns have been popping up across the country over the past few weeks, encouraging locals to shout health workers a coffee to help ease the burden and say thanks for keeping our community safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s a simple gesture – but it’s one that can make the world of difference to a healthcare worker during their shift.

Led by the Barwon Health Foundation, who exists to create and nurture philanthropic partnerships between the community and Barwon Health, their own ‘Shout A Barwon Health Healthcare Worker A Coffee’ campaign has so far raised more than $12,000 to go towards providing the region’s healthcare workers a fresh, barista-made coffee.

By simply visiting the dedicated everyday hero page, residents can donate any amount they wish via the ‘Give Now’ button. Teaming up with local coffee shops (including A Spot For Joe and Espresso Alfresco), the Barwon Health Foundation set up the coffee cart or coffee van and use this money to serve healthcare workers delicious, hot coffee between 8pm and 10pm.

With a goal of $20,000, the campaign aims to communicate the appreciation the region has for the incredible work these brave healthcare workers are doing, both on the frontline in the pandemic and their continued work delivering babies, respond to trauma, treat illness and provide care for the sick, elderly and vulnerable.

Alongside being mentally and emotionally uplifting for the healthcare workers themselves, it’s also just a really easy avenue for people to show their support, without having to leave the house.

The Barwon Health Foundation are also celebrating those making this initiative possible, with healthcare workers thanking donors on their Facebook Page.

You can Shout a Barwon Health Healthcare Workers A Coffee here.