Shelley Segal releases new single ‘Somebody Like You’ and heads regional

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Shelley Segal releases new single ‘Somebody Like You’ and heads regional

Melbourne’s own, Shelley Segal has been super busy of late.

Moving over 12 months ago to go and live in LA, she has spent her time writing with different artists, performing constantly, has opened her own publishing company (already locking down a sync deal) and is now currently touring the US to promote her latest offering, ’Somebody Like You’.

We are exhausted just thinking about all that stuff!

Her track, ’Somebody Like You’ is a soaring and emotive song about Shelley’s personal struggle when at 18 years old, her family rejected her boyfriend as he wasn’t of the same religion, Jewish.

Shelley fought for her relationship, moving out of home to live with her partner, and although she is not religious now says “I know that many people still experience this tension between their families, traditions and the person they love for various reasons, religion, race, gender, orientation. The truth is, you cannot help or control who you love.”

She is not wrong – after all, love is love.

Now, Shelley will be returning to Australia in December and will be playing a few shows in regional Victoria to help celebrate the release.

She will be performing at the Yard Bird in Bendigo on December 29 2017 and the Cally Hotel in Warrnambool on January 4 2018 for her launch.