Shelley in the Foreground

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Shelley in the Foreground

Back from a lengthy 40-date in America, Shelley Segal has jumped right back into it with the release of her single ‘Background Noises’ (taken from her EP Strange Feeling) and a bunch of national shows.
Known for her strong opinions in her lyrics, this time around it’s a softer track.
“The chorus seems to mean something different to me each time I sing it. Sometimes a shock, a deep loss, a painful reminder, an acceptance, a coming to terms with, a finality, a longing, an assertiveness, a future, a determinedness. As such a change would at different times of reflection. It’s not just a love or relationship lost but a physical place – a space and time that was all encompassing and is now gone,” she says.

Babushka Lounge, Ballarat – December 17
Collins Square, Docklands – December 18 (free show)