She’ll Be Apples

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She’ll Be Apples

You’ve walked through the door after a full day at work or school. Chances are you’re probably not going to jump ecstatically into the kitchen, finely dice vegetables with a flourish and create freshly-made Mongolian lamb stir-fry (but if you do, please share your ways with us).
Although toast or instant noodles might cut it sometimes, having a nutritious dinner is important, which makes it difficult when you’re less keen on the kitchen and more keen to be on the couch, in your comfies, with your favourite show, wine in hand.
One great option for busy, time-poor people is meal delivery, where you can choose from fabulous chef-inspired dishes made from the finest produce that are ridiculously convenient and freakin’ fresh. Enter, She’ll Be Apples. Packing a serious punch, this local dinner service is all the things you love: fresh, seasonal produce and complete with big flavour.
Geelong-based couple Nicholas Schultz and Kahani Motiani have creating a business that takes their love of preparing meals in advance, and has turned it into a service that delivers delicious dinners right to your door. Simply put, ‘She’ll Be Apples’ is the answer to the question on everyone’s lips, ‘What’s for dinner?’, designed especially for time-poor individuals and families in Geelong who could benefit from these pre-prepared meals.
“She’ll Be Apples means she’ll be right. It’s all good. We’ve got your dinner sorted,” the couple explain. “It’s also got a colloquial, down-to-earth, Aussie feel to it, and that’s us. We’re not fancy pants chefs, or juice-cleansing fructarians, we’re just two regular young people who love straightforward, quality food that genuinely tastes yum (and doesn’t rob you blind).”
With a passion for wholesome, straightforward and quality food, Nicholas and Kahani have created a mouth-watering and sensational menu that draws a lot of influence from Kahani’s mum Tanya, a former owner of both a Melbourne café and a personal catering business with over 15 years’ cooking experience.
“Some of our family favourites on the menu are based on her best recipes, and her guidance has been incredible,” explains Nicholas. “With travel a close second to our passion for food, we’ve also drawn inspiration from different cuisines we’ve sampled on trips both individually and together, from street food in India to dining out in Italy. We’ve tweaked existing recipes and are coming up with our own creations more and more (particularly in the new specials).”
Some of their best dishes include the Sri Lankan Paneer Curry, a smooth Chicken Korma, Hungarian Beer Goulash, Sweet Potato-topped Cottage Pie and even Nonna’s Lasagne. These main dishes come as a 300-450gm per serving and offers four different serving options (from serving one or two, to even serving a large family), guaranteeing you a meal that is filling, explosive in flavour, full of nutrition, high in protein and as low fat as possible – you couldn’t ask for much better than that!
“Our customers so far have largely been families – mums with a number of kids or chores to attend to. But also lots of couples and young working professionals just a little too tired to cook,” Kahani explains. “It’s our ability to cater to groups (by offering servings for 2, 3, and 4), and the communal element which goes beyond a neat little individual serving that makes us different from other providers.”
As for how it all works, it’s all too simple: “You place an order via the online order form on our website. We buy all the ingredients and make your meals from scratch, including every pastry and every sauce. Once freshly prepared, we immediately freeze the meals, giving them a shelf life in your freezer of 3-6 months,” the couple explain.
“Most are fully cooked and simply need to be defrosted and then heated following the packaging instructions. Other dishes such as our cannelloni and cottage pie come fully prepared, uncooked for you to pop straight into the oven on those extra hectic, late-decision kind of nights. The final step of reheating or preparation is generally as easy as boiling rice or toasting a garlic bread. We deliver twice a week to Geelong and surrounds, and we arrange a time that suits you best. Our aim is to have your freezer stocked with dinners for your week (or month!) ahead.”
If your times is short, your stress is high, and you’re eager to gain back some sense of control in your life, She’ll Be Apples is for you.
For the rest of this month, She’ll Be Apples is celebrating their launch with a special offer – $20 off all first orders over $100. You just need to use the promo code “LAUNCH IT” in the online order form on their website.
Check them out online at, follow them on Insta (@shellbeapplesus) and on Facebook.
Written by Talia Rinaldo