Shaun Kirk on his upcoming slew of regional shows following his unexpectedly long hiatus

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Shaun Kirk on his upcoming slew of regional shows following his unexpectedly long hiatus

With his last album having emerged in 2014, the man previously described as ‘one of the most explosive solo acts Australia has to offer’ is returning to the scene with an upcoming slew of regional shows.

Blues and soul troubadour Shaun Kirk has moved in leaps and bounds since the release of his debut album Cruisin’ in 2010, which saw him follow with the release of albums Thank You for Giving Me the Blues, The Wick Sessions and Steer The Wheel. Over the years, his life, musical taste and experience has proceeded to progress.

“Cruisin’ was just done in a little studio at a guy called Damien Cafarella’s house – we must’ve done that back in 2009 or something. I was still new to it all and I think it was only shortly after I discovered that I wanted to play Blues, so it’s all pretty raw. I don’t even sell that CD anymore, it’s a little bit embarrassing to be honest”, he laughs. “I feel that just happens with every album. I’m noticing it the older I get and with every album, I think it’s just a natural growth thing. You just kind of say to yourself ‘what the hell was I thinking back then?’ That’s just life I guess, albums are just a stamp on the calendar, a point in time – they represent where you were at that point of time in your life.”

Having worked as an independent artist thus far, Kirk has admittedly encountered some obstacles along the way, though he holds high hopes for what lies ahead.

“It [being independent] has its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been this way for probably – it’s been close to ten years now – and the last couple of years have been the most challenging of my career. But I think usually these challenges come before exciting times and new beginnings. I’d much rather work a job that I love and get stuff all from it, than be a millionaire working a job that I absolutely loathe,” he says.

With 2017 marking it three years since Kirk’s most recent release ‘Steer The Wheel’, which debuted at #1 on the Australian Blues iTunes Charts, it’s safe to say that word of a new single being dropped later this year has come with much anticipation.

“I’m working on it [the new single]. It’s just a matter of figuring out – I’ve been doing some sessions with a bunch of producers – and I’ve just got to figure out which one is the right one to go with, which is a hard choice,” he says of his long-awaited single.

While we await the drop of this single though, Kirk is over the moon to be hitting the road again. Having spent much of his free-time sitting and writing in his small studio at the back of his house, we are told to expect a bunch of newness, as well as great vibes, from his upcoming string of live shows.

“I’ve been writing a lot, so I’ll definitely be playing a bunch of new songs and all the shows are in really small venues, so they should have a really good vibe. They’re selling really well as well, so they should be packed out little venues with a good vibe; intimate, up close and personal. It should be a whole lot of fun,” he says.

When & Where: Major Toms, Kyneton – June 30, Babushka Lounge, Ballarat – July 1 and Saints & Sailors, Portarlington – July 2.

See the full list of tour dates and grab your tickets via the website.

Written by Helena Metzke