Shards! A One Act Play Series

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Shards! A One Act Play Series

Directed by Tania Maxwell
About: A single mother finally realises the importance of preparing her twenty three year old autistic son Corey, to be able to fend for himself. Corey is currently unemployed, lazy and not interested in changing his ways, until……a certain conversation takes place.
ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE An exploration of Shakespeare’s most popular monologues
Directed by Evalina Woodward
About: A collaboration of all the best Shakespeare monologues paired with
physical theatre and projection work.

Each performance of Shards! includes two one-act plays. There are 4 plays in total throughout the series. These plays are short and sharp, like a shard, dealing with current topics. With 4 experienced directors and a talented cast you don’t want to miss these performances! Book for two performances if you want to see all 4 plays!