Shannon Pizza have a new, mouth-watering monthly creation

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Shannon Pizza have a new, mouth-watering monthly creation

Looking to feast on some comfort food as the Autumn chill takes over Geelong? Odds are you are reaching for a slice of pizza. Whether you like it loaded, crispy, doughy or topped with crazy ingredients, you can get a taste of it – every night (except Tuesday) if you so desire – with Shannon Pizza.

While of course there’s all your classics that you can feast on (traditional style like the Aussie, Hawaiian and BBQ), one thing we love about Shannon Pizza is their fun-loving nature towards our favourite comfort food with their special ‘pizza of the month’.

It keeps customers (especially us) coming back again and again – and for good reason.

Their brand new monthly special for March is enough to win us over with the new Chorizo Especial Pizza; complete with tomato, cheese, chorizo, red onion, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, garlic and oregano.

Need we say more? It’s got all the good stuff – and it’s just enough spice to warm your insides without being overwhelming.

Take a leap of faith with this fresh, kind of spicy, definitely delicious special creation before the month is up!












Where: 146 Shannon St, Geelong West
When: 5-9pm every day except Tuesdays
Phone: 5229 6169