Shades of Red

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Shades of Red

He surfs and sings, sings and surfs, does Red Whyte. Born in Geelong, Whyte was a drummer in a former life, providing the beat for reggae outfit Beatnik Boulevard. Inked Factor was another of his bands, a surf rock Sonic-Youth inspired outfit who released three albums. You can throw Surfusion in there as well, a band that was born out of the surf of Bells Beach back in 2002. As a solo artist, Whyte, whose multi-genre music is inspired by nature and the ocean, comes armed with guitars, drum and percussion, bass, harmonic flute, mandolin, didge and sitar. He also has a collection of a dozen or so albums under his belt. You can share a drink with him at Martians Café, Deans Marsh on July 11.