Sexpo – an experience to remember

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Sexpo – an experience to remember

It’s not a rite of passage per se, but attending Sexpo once in your lifetime is definitely an experience I would encourage. With my best friend in tow, who was a Sexpo virgin like myself, we were excited to see what Melbourne’s annual sex, health and lifestyle event would bring. Sure enough, five minutes into arriving we saw a dick. Pricasso, in fact – an artist known world-wide for his ability to procure uncanny portraits with his penis and paint.

This is to be expected, but you know when you’re expecting something and see it and you’re still a bit shocked? On our first pass around the expo, we took in the various sexual products and promotions on offer. This isn’t my first expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre, and I always manage to find the paint ball stalls that seem to just never leave the centre. This time their catchy line to me was “Do you want to blow your load on someone else for a change?”

One thing I was very impressed by was the variety of people in attendance. Every type of person you can imagine was there, and I was particularly pleased to see many people with disabilities who were enjoying what Sexpo had to offer – it was great to see people of all abilities owning their sexual agency.

I caught a few main stage shows, which drew great crowds. Two girls performing a sexy dance and striptease, an amateur ‘magic mike’ style show, and the hypnosis by Anthony Laffan, which was entertaining and simultaneously perplexing to say the least.

I also was able to see Madison Missina’s ‘Raw’ exhibition, which was a photo exhibit of female sexuality in different forms. It had copy that explained what the photos represented, why it was important for it to be represented and also identifying the societal pressures and obstacles that women particularly when it comes to sex, still face.

Mind you, around the corner from the exhibition was a giant dick ride called ‘The Shafter.’ I think it just goes to prove that like anything, there are always two sides. Sexpo isn’t just all just fun and games, there are some serious and complex issues in the sex industry that are present at the expo, but ultimately it’s a safe space where you can enjoy and contemplate both.

Bring on 2017 you cheeky devils.