Set Mo are 'going deeper' this weekend at The Inn's Party In The Parking Lot

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Set Mo are 'going deeper' this weekend at The Inn's Party In The Parking Lot

Having kicked off their 24-date AUS/NZ tour last week, Sydney’s dynamic production duo Set Mo (Nick Drabble and Stu Turner) stop in to chat to Forte about their upcoming show in Geelong this weekend.
Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat! How are you and what have you been up to??
Hey Forte, our pleasure! We’ve been busier than ever but we’re not complaining at all! Plenty of gigs on the weekends and while we’re back in Sydney midweek it’s heads down in the studio.
You guys recently played For The Love in Melbourne (alongside Hayden James, Thomas Jack, Touch Sensitive, Dom Dolla, Airling + more under the palms as the sun sets) which people have been raving about since! How was that whole experience?
We love playing FTL, it’s become a bit of a tradition for us now as we’ve played the last three years in a row and even got to play the Bali edition last year. We absolutely love it and can’t wait for next year! The crowd and setting make this such an amazing event that you just don’t want it to end.
Kicking off your 24-date Australian tour last week, is there anywhere in particular you are looking forward to? Everywhere! We really love the contrast of playing the major cities to the smaller regional towns. There’s a big difference in how the crowds respond to your sets so it keeps us on our toes and means no two sets are the same. But of course Geelong’s right up there 😉
Is this the first time you guys have gone on an extensive tour like so, how do you find being on the road together? Good times all round?
We’ve been lucky enough to do a few tours around Australia and New Zealand but this one is by far the biggest with 24 shows. We love traveling together, we’ve got some DJ friends who sometimes get lonely on the road as there’s so much time spent on your own in transit and the hotel room so we’re extremely grateful to have each other’s company to help push through the hangovers.
Last Friday you released your second track for this year “Unity” – a euphoric new dance track that is a nod to the club scene of the 90s and Y2K-era house. Tell us about the idea behind the track, how do you guys create your singles, and this one in particular?
It’s funny, we hadn’t even planned to write a track the day Unity came about. It was Unity Day in Germany, a public holiday, so everything was closed and we found ourselves stuck in the hotel room as it was pouring rain outside. We set up a makeshift studio on the table and the idea was born out of nothing more than mucking around with some weird sounds and a drum break. We’d been listening to a lot of our earliest electronic influences such as Moby, The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers and this has definitely come through in the music without us even thinking about it.
Your new music schedule features a new song to be released on the first Friday of every month in 2018 – what’s the idea behind doing that? Are all these song completely ready and set to go
We’ve written so many songs over the past 18 months and we were trying to figure out the best way to share them with everyone. We settled on a track a month as we wanted to share the experience of the journey we’ve been on ourselves through our music. We’ve been lucky enough to bounce around the world to write and perform in some really special places so hopefully this comes through in all the tracks we have in store for you this year.
The focus for you both last year was heavily on writing and recording, hitting studios in London, Amsterdam and Berlin, do you prefer recording and writing overseas? Or does it depend on the moment?
Not necessarily overseas, we just love having a dedicated chunk of time for the creative process and being somewhere new always helps inspire some unique creations. Although, writing (/partying) in Berlin, being such a musical melting pot, was pretty awesome.
Performing in Geelong at The Inn this weekend for Labour Day – have you guys been to Geelong before? What can Geelongians expect from the set, something similar to For The Love perhaps?
We have been to Geelong before, a few times in fact. We always have a ball so can’t wait to play a lot of our new music for you! Definitely some similarities to For The Love, if anything we’ll be going a little deeper cause that’s what we do After Dark.
Thanks for taking the time to chat. Any advice for people coming to the party in the parking lot?
Bring some comfy shoes and a good attitude cause we’re going to dance together all night!
When & Where: Party In The Parking Lot @ The Inn Hotel, Geelong – Sunday, 11 March.
Check out ‘Nightmares’ below.