Self-titled Ecca Vandal

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Self-titled Ecca Vandal

Ecca Vandal is a rising star in the music scene, and her debut album, self-titled Ecca Vandal, will only help her ascent. While this album is in some ways a step away from Vandal’s previous music the album packs the same punch as her E.P. and is an energetic attention-grabbing collection of songs.

Vandal hopes people are “energised” by this album and they definitely should be, Ecca Vandal carries tunes that can excite even the calmest of fans, without being over the top. The album carries a number of powerful songs which are dynamic and snappy, music combined with various themes creating songs that have the potential to be generational anthems.

A highlight of the album are the guest features, some of which include the likes of Sampa The Great, Dennis Lyxen and Jason Butler. One of the really great things about this album is how Vandal managed to work with her personal idols to create something brilliant with them.

Ecca Vandal is a genre crossing delight, and her self titled album helps to secure her as one
of Melbourne’s brightest talents, and someone with a long, bright future for fans of all ages


Reviewed by Perri Digby