Seinfeld Trivia

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Seinfeld Trivia

Test your knowledge when it comes to the best TV show ever made – ever!
1 – Newman is called in to settle a dispute between Elaine and Kramer, what item are they arguing over?
2 – How does George’s wife to be, Susan, die?
3 – What fast food item did Kramer become addicted to?
4 – George becomes embroiled in an altercation over a chocolate bar at a candy machine, what brand is it?
5 – What movie is said to be referenced or displayed in every episode of Seinfeld?
6 – Kramer stars in a movie with Woody Allen, what is his one line in the movie?
7 – George had a fake company, what was it called?
8 – Walking along a beach George impresses his girlfriend by doing what?
9 – George’s father is spotted with a man wearing a strange clothing item, what is this item?
10 – Who was the ‘re-gifter’?
11 – Elaine has a boyfriend Aaron, what is one of his uncomfortable social traits?
12 – Declared as ‘unacceptable’ by Jerry’s mother, what movie was Jerry caught making out with his Girl Friend during?
Answers below
1. A bike 2. Licking a stamp 3. Kenny Rogers Fried Chicken 4. Twix 5. Superman 6. These pretzels are making me thirsty 7. Vandelay Industries 8. Pulls a golf ball out of a whales blow hole 9. A cape 10. Tim Whatley 11. He is a close talker 12. Schindler’s list