Searoad Ferries charts new course with acquisition of Wilsons Promontory Cruises

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Searoad Ferries charts new course with acquisition of Wilsons Promontory Cruises

Words by staff writer

Prepare for more incredible journeys on the high seas.

Searoad Ferries has set sail on a new adventure by acquiring Wilsons Promontory Cruises from Pennicott Wilderness Journeys.

Founded by Robert Pennicott and his dedicated team in 2019, Wilsons Promontory Cruises has garnered acclaim for its award-winning tourism experiences, offering tours along the picturesque granite coastline of Wilsons Promontory. With over a decade of research and development invested, their iconic custom-built amphibious yellow boats have been delighting more than 13,500 passengers annually.

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Searoad Ferries’ CEO, Matt McDonald, and his team have been entrusted with taking the helm of this iconic tourism venture, and Robert Pennicott expressed full confidence in their abilities to continue and expand upon the legacy he’s built.

The synergy between Wilsons Promontory Cruises and Searoad Ferries is evident in their shared values, including a family business focus, dedication to delivering high-quality products, and a deep appreciation for maritime experiences. Searoad Ferries, as Victoria’s largest marine operator with 200 staff across their operations, has the expertise and commitment needed to steer this journey to success.

On 1 December 2023, ownership officially transfers from Pennicott Wilderness Journeys to Searoad Ferries. The handover is planned to be a smooth transition, ensuring the continuity of the exceptional service that Wilsons Promontory Cruises is known for.

For those wondering about staffing changes, there’s good news. The current Wilsons Promontory Cruises team has been doing an outstanding job, and there will be no job losses as a result of this sale. Searoad Ferries is keen to see the current team continue their excellent work.

Under its new ownership, Wilsons Promontory Cruises will operate under the current company name, Wilsons Promontory Cruises Pty Ltd, but with a fresh brand called ‘Wanderer Adventures – Wilsons Promontory Cruises.’ The essence of this brand is succinctly captured in three words: wild, natural, freedom.

To accommodate this exciting transition, a new website,, will be developed and updated, ready for bookings from 1 December. Existing customer bookings and gift vouchers will be seamlessly transferred to the Wanderer Adventures booking system to ensure a hassle-free experience for staff and customers.

As for the tour schedules, there will be no changes to the current operations. Regular coaches from Melbourne will continue to connect to the cruises through Explore Australia Tours, the coach tour company.

From 1 December, book your next trip at the new website here. Until then, head here