Sean Patrick: Paradigm

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Sean Patrick: Paradigm

If you’ve grown up in the Geelong region all your life, you may remember a little metal band called Empire’s Fall, guitarist for that outfit was Sean McDonnell. Now he is a certified blues man with his debut solo EP Paradigm released recently. First up, the boy can play. The guitar work on this EP is simply infectious and at times hypnotic as Sean Patrick trail blazes across the fretboard with a variety of pentatonic scales.
In a drop tuning, the songs are melodic and full of brilliant lyrics. Straight up, this EP is tremendous song writing, which is best seen in the song ‘Irish Boy Of Ballinrobe’. Accompanied by Alister Turrill, local blues troubadour, I feel that the instrumental breaks of this song could be used in a suspenseful scene building moment of Game of Thrones, it sounds like if an instrumental take of this track was to be produced then it would fit perfectly on a drama TV show soundtrack.
Having launched this disc recently at Beav’s Bar to rave reviews, be sure to get your hands on this disc. Guitar enthusiasts, and music lovers alike, will find something to enjoy on this release. This debut is fantastic and it will be interesting to see where Sean Patrick goes from here, because how will he up the ante on the next release? Only time will tell.
Out now via independent release
Reviewed by Tex Miller