Sean Kemp’s new single Smile is a heartwarming track about that special someone

Sean Kemp’s new single Smile is a heartwarming track about that special someone

Words by Keegan Bennett

The single is one of the first for Kemp's new solo project

Adelaide artist Sean Kemp is back with his debut solo single. ‘Smile’ is a fun folk-rock track, written by Kemp and a host of the people close to him.

The track is a tidy four-minute affair, co-written by Taasha Coates from The Audreys, Kirsten Glover and Drew Kemp. The song was produced by Matt Williams and is available now through Taste Bud Records.

The song opens with a classic Americana melody, layered with a floating string section, welcoming drum work, and a warm strummed section at the forefront.

Kemp’s vocal work on the track is friendly and is complimented well by the aforementioned Kirsten Glover on the hook and chorus. The lyrics sing of someone, a family member, lover, friend etc. that brings Kemp great joy, “I’d be singing if I saw you now, sometimes I feel I’m spoiled for choice, then I hear your voice”.

The track flows well, with a guitar solo at about the two-and-a-half-minute mark, that loops back into a final chorus before the track ends.

The track doesn’t try to stray away from familiar blues-rock sounds and the tight songwriting and clean production make this song an easy listen to, and doesn’t ask too much from the listener, Kemp only wants to see you smile, per se.

‘Smile’ marks a turning point for Kemp’s music, both stylistically, and in terms of production value, ‘Smile’ is a song that is far more fleshed out than other tracks he has released, and its clear that a great deal of time was spent in the studio fine-tuning the sound for the release.

Listen to the track on Spotify here.

Sean Kemp is having a single launch on the 22nd of January at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide.