Sasha March unveils bright new slice of alt-indie

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Sasha March unveils bright new slice of alt-indie

Embracing a new creative chapter for 2019, Sasha March presents earnest vibrancy in her new single, ‘TEN DAYS’.

Hailing from Adelaide, currently based in Sydney, March’s new music signals a new musical path. As one of South Australia’s most renowned vocalists and musicians, March’s latest release in ‘Ten Days’ is one that still remains true to her folk foundations, but defined by strong alt-indie instrumentation and delivery.

Melodic and musically rich, ‘Ten Days’ is a song that provokes nostalgia and yearning. As electric guitar threads its way through crashing, vibrant percussion, March takes the listener through a landscape of a relationship, a road trip of a narrative that winds through emotional territory masterfully. For longtime fans of March’s, this talented storyteller is expanding on some well laid songwriting foundations but for newcomers, ‘Ten Days’ is the perfect introduction.

Listen to it here:

In celebration of the track, March has rounded up her top five female artists who’s work she admires.

Hannah Cameron – Middle Kids
She brings so much vibrant energy to her performance I can’t help but hit repeat! Her song writing and voice are so solid and grounded, the way it all blends and explodes with the band…it makes me feel safe somehow, like “I got this” no stress.

Jen Cloher
Her latest self titled album really grabs me in so many ways. I love her voice and delivery. Her songwriting is so relatable and inspiring and evokes a strong feeling of place. the guitar textures and production are so damn good! It feels effortless. It’s been another one of those albums on repeat for the last while.

Aldous Harding
What she creates feels like it comes from some other place entirely. It’s stunning and unearthly. Her track “Horizon” is always a welcome teary punch in my gut and a lump in my throat, those lyrics, that voice!

Julia Jacklin
Her authenticity is really humbling and I love the subtle humour in her work. It’s refreshing and her voice and lyrics are to the core, beautiful, heartbreaking and ballsie all at once.

Emma Louise
I’ve always really liked her music and have become enchanted in a new way with her new album “Lilac Everything”. I’m loving the experimentation in pitching down her vocals. Her songs always feel like the best kind of heartbreak and longing that make me want to sit still and listen to it all in one go.