Sarah Carroll & The Left Wing: Star Parade

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Sarah Carroll & The Left Wing: Star Parade

If opera can be thought of as the musical version of a novel, then ballads are the short story. I have always admired the short story – neat, direct and self-contained. Alan Marshall vs Tolkein! Sarah Carroll is a great exponent of the ballad.

The core of the Left Wing is Leigh Ivin (guitar and keys), George Wilson (bass and percussion) and Ronny Rindo (drums and percussion), with all of them contributing backing vocals. For me there are a number of special tracks on the new CD Star Parade.

‘Wives Know’ is a very forthright description of something that every husband has long suspected. I’ve already drawn the attention of a few car nut friends to ‘Heaven is my Holden with the Windows Down’. It brings back many 1960’s memories of the old EJ.

The songs celebrate life and reminiscing, a lot of it to do with being on the road, a big part of a musician’s life.

Sarah often includes a tongue in cheek track (I still haven’t gotten over ‘Vegetarian Truck Driving Man’) and ‘Star Parade’ has one. ‘Small Courtesy’ is the expression of all musicians’ angst, well all performers’ angst, when their performance is marred by carelessness in the stalls.

4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Dr John Lamp