San Francisco: Where’s your disco? We sit down with Dom Dolla

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San Francisco: Where’s your disco? We sit down with Dom Dolla

"Yeah, I love it"

Dom Dolla, the Melbourne-born house music producer, has created waves after delivering yet another hit single: ‘San Frandisco’.

The key takeaways

  • We sit down with Australian house music producer Dom Dolla
  • The single is Dom’s personal love letter to San Francisco

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“San Francisco is where a lot of successful house music producers come from. Every time I went to San Fran, the audience and I seemed to gel. They really connected with my music and the records I was writing, and as I was leaving the club one night, I felt like writing a song to San Francisco.”

As such, ‘San Frandisco’ was born. It’s colourful, vibrant and addictive: equipped with blazing sirens, a deep bassline, and constant beats – perfectly for capturing the community of San Fran whilst also keeping the crowd dancing.

However, ‘San Frandisco’ isn’t Dom Dolla’s first masterpiece. ‘Take It’ topped the charts across Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands, and was #73 on the global Shazam Chart; ‘Be Randy’ was nominated for an ARIA award; ‘You’ gave him 13 million streams and another first place on the ARIA club chart.

It’s safe to say it all started with his record ‘Define’, produced with Go Freek. It was Dom Dolla’s first release – and it immediately connected with fans, becoming a worldwide dance anthem. Now, his light-hearted and bass-driven beats are supported by millions of fans worldwide.

From hearing a DJ play his track at Coachella years ago to performing at Coachella himself, Dom Dolla has had an impressive career. Over the last 12 months, he’s had a headline tour of North America – but he’s recently made plans to return to the UK.

“I like following the sunshine,” said Dom Dolla about his tours, “It keeps me happy.”

Even though Coachella was a “great gig”, he’s happy to be home – and especially keen to be performing all over Australia during the festival season.

His tours in Sydney and Melbourne sell out in minutes, so make sure you try and catch him in an array of festival slots, including Beyond The Valley and Spilt Milk.

Written by Daniela Koulikov