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Can I just say how glad I am San Cisco came out with another release. There was only so much more I could squeeze out from ‘Awkward’. It’s a bit of a full on start, but ‘Run’ is just the catchy number you’ve all been waiting for. The repetitiveness of the lyrics make it the perfect thing to sing along and don’t even try to lie about not tapping your feet along to this one – I’m pretty sure it’s impossible not to.
‘Too Much Time Together’ ticks off the jangly guitar and cutesy vocals/lyrics required in all San Cisco releases. This ones for those who want to get all mushy and sing in harmony with each other. While Gracetown covers what San Cisco is known for, they’ve actually mixed it up quite a bit in this album.
‘Magic’ is a highlight, it’s hard to explain exactly but it starts off with Scarlett creating the beat, but in a different way from anything they’ve done before. ‘Super Slow’ is probably my absolute favourite on the album, it’s a smooth track with a very creative vocal arrangement; think of a call and answer type set up. ‘Bitter Winter’, ‘Jealousy’ (give this one a listen) and ‘Mistakes’ are also quite experimental for the band, and apparently the change is partially thanks to producer and long-term collaborator Steven Schram, regardless of who was responsible for what, I love it and can’t wait to see how it translates to a live setting like Groovin the Moo.
Out now via MGM
Written by Amanda Sherring